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Hello and welcome to Virtually Creative!

I’m Amie, and I’m here to give you back the time you spend doing tasks you’d rather not do!

With more than 10 years' experience working with a variety of creative people and businesses, I know how hard it is to juggle your time. My role is managing all those the jobs that take you away from the things you love to do the most.


Whether you’re an actor, producer, maker of art, maker of designs or the creator of delicious food, I’m here to help you recover those lost hours and take a weight off your already heavy shoulders. 

I have extensive experience working in a festival environment, helping artists across Australia and the UK manage their publicity, social media marketing, administration and logistics. I’ve also given back time to personal trainers by building their websites, worked with local artists to manage their Facebook pages and have more than a decade's experience in administration and event coordination in the public sector.

I pride myself in gaining an understanding of my client's needs and providing personalised support.

I’m ready to help you recover those lost hours, so please contact me to find out more about my services!

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